Must play PS4 Exclusives


So you bought a PS4 recently or plan to buy a PS4 soon, here are some must-have titles for you to consider picking up along with the system.

Infamous Second Son

If you enjoyed the last two critically acclaimed Infamous games on PS3, then you’re sure to have a blast playing as Delsin Rowe in Second Son. The game is set in an open world city based off of Seattle with plenty of room for heroic and infamous things to do. The karma system is back once again with a shocking ending if you go the evil route in the story.

Here’s a video of Delsin pulling off some incredibly cool stuff in the game.


Hidetaka Miyazaki-san, the legendary director at From Software who gave us Demon Souls and Dark Souls comes a brand new PS4 exclusive. Imagine Dark Souls with a more action approach to its combat, with a deeper mythical lore to its story.

And in regards to its combat you have no shield, instead, you have the option of carrying a secondary weapon like a rifle that allows you to do parry, an effective counter attack technique that can do serious damage on enemies.

parry.gif                                                                                      ( .gif example of a parry: shoot with your rifle as you’re about to get hit by an enemy, then get close to your enemy and press R1 to pull off that sweet satisfying visceral attack)

The game has terrific artwork, superb level, and enemy character design. Like seriously, every single boss battle has been so intricately crafted which you’ll see from the get-go. The game has an unsettling atmosphere going for it the moment you set foot in the Victorian era inspired city of Yharnam. And can we take a moment to appreciate how good the background score and this is just the main menu theme.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

The final send off for Nathan Drake got me all teary eyed. Nate has become a household name thanks to an ever-present excellent writing in the Uncharted games. Naughty Dog’s labor of love can be profoundly felt when you play an Uncharted game. They have become a studio that somehow manages to go beyond perfection. Their attention to detail in art, gameplay, audio, voice acting direction continue to set a benchmark in the field of interactive entertainment.

Horizon Zero Dawn

You play as a strong female character equipped with a deadly bow and arrow at your disposal to take down giant machines (that has the physical attributes of a dinosaur) in a beautiful post-apocalyptic world.

While these machines overrun the earth, human civilization has gone back to its tribal ways. Shunned as an outcast, the game’s lead character Aloy goes out of her way to do the right thing to protect her world.

Image may contain: outdoor(those braids, best-looking video game hair ever and that’s the gameplay character model of Aloy)


Ninja Gaiden meets Dark Souls or a Samurai Bloodborne could be the easiest way to describe Nioh. It’s also developed by Team Ninja, the original developers behind the Ninja Gaiden series.

Ratchet & Clank

A re-imagining of the original game with visuals that would make you say “That looks like a Pixar movie” is what Insomniac Games have delivered with the Ratchet and Clank title for the PS4.

Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection

So you never owned a PS3 but you now have a PS4 and dying to play some action adventure games. Look no further as Uncharted is the definitive action-adventure experience that’s out there. Bluepoint Games who are located in Austin, Texas are back at it with another stellar job porting Naughty Dog’s Uncharted trilogy from PS3 to PS4 at rock solid 60fps at native 1080p resolution. You’re pretty much getting the best possible Uncharted experience ever.

If that didn’t blow you away from an interactive set piece perspective, I am not sure what will.

The Last of Us Remastered

You are now done with Uncharted Nathan Drake collection and Uncharted4, but you still have an itch for some more Naughty Dog mastery. Do the words ‘The Last of Us’ ring a bell? It’s a game that won BAFTA awards for it’s incredibly well written emotional journey featuring some of the best voice acting and direction in a video game ever.

Until Dawn

You’ve got friends coming over to your place to watch a movie, but you don’t have anything special in your video library. This could be the perfect game for you to play and have your friends watch over while everyone of you gets to participate in making decisions.

Until Dawn is an interactive third-person survival horror game. The game plays pretty much identical to Heavy Rain, in regards to character control, movement, and decision-making processes. Until Dawn is also one of the fewest games out there with a ‘No Game Over’ screen. If one of your character(s) dies in the narrative due to one of your choices, the game will continue to move forward. Tread with caution as you begin the story of Until Dawn.

Nier Automata

Platinum Games brings you yet another superb action game. You play as a female android by name 2B, she lets her swords do the talking

The Last Guardian

You play as a little boy who has to guide this giant bird-dog creature named Trico (or Tuhriko as the little boy calls it) through a series of environmental obstacles and puzzles. It’s developed by Fumito Ueda-san the legendary developer behind Shadow of the Colossus and Ico.

The ending bits of the game left me all teary-eyed as I completed the story on new year’s eve of 2017.


Done playing the above list of games? Here’s a short list of exclusives that’s out this year and beyond

Uncharted Lost Legacy (August 22nd 2017)

God of War (Early 2018)

Spiderman (2018)

Days Gone (2018)





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